Courage and Vulnerability…



Courage requires vulnerability… and we live in shame based societies that don’t value vulnerability. it takes huge courage to be vulnerable ….. the paradox

You needed vulnerability to even manifest on earth at this time and HUGE COURAGE.. funny that.

The next great leaders of the world will not be shame mongers nor be thinking that each of their countries exists alone,  they don’t. We all need to be collaborative at this time on the planet.

The next great leaders of the world will collaborate and will not be afraid to show vulnerability kindness and empathy…

Will I see them in my lifetime mmm we will see but what ever happens don’t be afraid to show these qualities now and to all the people around you we exist in a collective the collective world in a collective universe all breathing the same air that circulates around the globe.

All our ripples into the collective touch another as everything is always connected.

These are the qualities of the real authentic and courageous people of the world

Not the ones with the masks ……


Sally  Francis

International Coach/EFT Practioner  and psychic to the  Stars on Sky TV..

Bookings available email

Author of The book REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE  on amazon

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