Remember Where You Come From


Chapter 1: Remember where you come from
You come from infinite source and golden consciousness, you come from the light of the stars and the galaxies and the love that has and always will exist in the universe, you come from infinite possibilities and probabilities.

You come from the dreams of your grandfathers’ fathers and the spirit of your grandmothers, you come from every thought, desire and intention that was ever created.
You come from infinite dreams and hopes and wishes, you come from love eternal and everlasting and a well of knowledge and inspiration that is boundless and unlimited and ad infinitum, inside you are sparks of light, sparks of consciousness, billions of electrical impulses, cells moving, changing and growing with consciousness all radiating and buzzing within you when you switch them on.
Your job is just to flick the switch. “Bright Star”
You start out on a huge journey of consciousness, a tiny pin prick of light and energy, an energy waiting to emerge into physical form. You are miraculous, a wave of energy just sitting waiting to burst out, to explode into a new dimension – a human dimension, with talents and goals and challenges. It’s a huge journey, an experience through which our souls learn and grow through the realisation that we can be everything, we have the power within us in every moment to shift the aspects of our lives, to shift our destinies, our focus, just by pure thought and intention.


We are the creators of our own destinies.
You come here with unlimited potential to be anything and everything that you truly desire. Within you is a field of consciousness that is unlimited and without definition, and able to access all the consciousness that is within the universe, the all-consciousness, the mighty power of evolution, the etheric field of immortal energy.

When you know that you are already connected to everything, when you know that you are an extension of all that has ever happened and ever will happen in the universe, you can tap into the Akashic Record and the all-consciousness.

You exist here as a space-travelling beam of consciousness manifest in physical form for a journey, the journey of your soul advancement and continuation, and when you access that consciousness there is really nothing that you cannot do, be or have.

The only limitation is your understanding and accepting that you absolutely do deserve everything that you came here to be. This may not be in a material sense, but be about living your life as an extension of your true divinity, the divinity within you, your soul and spirit essence, the essence of who you truly are.
In every moment you can summon anything you want in consciousness and into your body just by thoughts, by setting out intentions as to what you want in your life and seeing them as happening in this time space, now, with all the feeling you can summon, with all the joy and love that you possess, pushing beyond all boundaries of limitation.
Without exception you become what you think about and by expanding your thinking, you expand your consciousness. You expand into your thoughts and, when you push them outwards into the world, the universe hears your thoughts and your prayers. You have a responsibility as to how you use your energy; you can use your energy for good in whichever way you choose.
When you understand that you are without limit and definition you can truly be everything you have ever dreamed of being, an expanded being of consciousness able to dip in and out of everything you choose, just by intention, thought, will and focus. You drive your thoughts and your spirit by setting intentions, unwavering intentions of focus.
Life will happen to you, but if your prevailing thoughts are ones of forward movement and of building and creating, that is what you will become, you will become an extension of your prevailing thoughts pushed forward and through into your reality, you will mould and shape your experience of your life. you will bring form into the vision in your reality. It must happen, for it is how the laws of the universe work.

Your thoughts really do create things, and your future.
Within you are so many gifts just bursting to come out: gifts of you, gifts of intelligence, gifts of humour, gifts of creativity, gifts of art and music, gifts of speaking, gifts of listening, gifts of being a mother or a father or an explorer or traveller, gifts of being exactly who you were destined to be.

So many gifts, all lying dormant, just waiting to be ignited in you by a flame of magic. Light the touch paper of time and rise up to be everything you were destined to be.
You are already whole, you come here as a “brilliant artwork of consciousness”, a perfectly formed individual filled with light and a luminosity which you can summon into yourself just with a thought.

There is everything inside you just waiting to burst out, bright gifts and bright sparks of emerging energetic potential. You are filled with future unlimited potential, unlimited creative gifts – miracles. It is the remembering of that, a remembering of the reason that you came here and the ignition of this consciousness, that makes your life blossom and bloom like beautiful crocuses and daffodils just bursting through the earth’s crust each spring. You are a seed and flower of the all consciousness, with many, many facets of beauty and magnificence. ”


From my book REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE on amazon available worldwide

Sally Francis -Intuitive Coach

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