Literally GIFTED

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When someone describes an artist, musician or anyone with ‘natural ability’ as GIFTED they don’t know how literal they are being. When we write a great song or have a great idea we receive it, we don’t ‘think it up’. It pops ‘in’ to our heads. When we’re in a flow writing, we’re not ‘thinking up’ what we are writing word by word, it is flowing into us as we write, fluidly, and we are, at best, transcribing. Great composers and writers are glorified secretaries and yet we are very happy to take the money and the credit. It’s hilarious how the personality takes full credit and will even get indignant protecting ‘my idea’ when they had almost nothing to do with it’s creation or arrival. All the great inspiration is GIFTED and the artist can be acclaimed as GIFTED but the irony is that no artist feels that comfortable…

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