“The Good The Bad and The Ugly” or “All Things Bright and Beautiful?”

Golden Heart square
Today see the good in everyone you meet and reflect that back to them,even someone you think you don’t get on with and watch the magic happen.
Everyone has “lovability” if you choose to see it, focus on the LOVE .
We exist in this universe in duality,  there is yin and yang,  light and dark in everyone, although some people choose to believe the opposite and exist in this way throughout their lives, maybe only  noticing other peoples faults and imperfections but never their own. It can be hard to live with or be around people like that especially if you are sensitive,  but if you learn to focus on the best you see in people then they often reflect back the best they see in you.
In this universe there will always be people who are not like you,  they will always be situations that you don’t perceive to like,  there will always be things that aren’t in your vibration and these may also shift when your energy is low or if you don’t get enough sleep.
Be aware of your energy and the energy you perceive in others to be negative understand that they too are human like you and they too have days when they may be reflecting their darker selves but love them anyway.
When you accept that you come here for an experience and everything shows up in your life for you to learn and love through then you are halfway there to “cracking” it.
So have a day of LOVING it all the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY as before you know it wit will have changed into something .. ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL  ❤ ❤ ❤
Have an awesome day !
Sally Francis
2013 Copyright (c)
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