Your Journey , Your Experience !



You only have your journey and your experience , we all have different journeys, and many people think we should be like them. When understanding and empathy encompasses peoples hearts and the need to control others is given up the world will be a happier place..

We are all unique souls having different journeys , what is right for one person isn’t for another and we are all at different stages of development and soul growth and challenge.

Difficulties often arise in relationships out of a need for one person to adhere to another life path. We all have different paths in life and it’s through our challenges we grow. It can be really hard at times to step back and see the bigger picture of this illusionary game of life.

We sometimes try to force things to happen when really we should just ease off, relax and go more with the flow of life….Your spirit always knows what to do, relax trust your spirit…… Sally Francis


Feel free to share ..if you know this will help someone else .Many blessings Sally

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