So What Are Your Dreams?

If you get stuck or are bored with a currrent situation it’s great to re-focus on your dreams. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to really dream our lives into being.

 We stay with the familiar and the comfortable and that’s fine as long as you are enjoying your life. For what is the point otherwise , you might as well make this journey your life as amazing as it really all could be . It’s your life and no one else’s not your lover’s not your mothers and not your children’s.

It’s easy to get caught up in others lives without really noticing and that’s fine , we all need families and friends and need  connections to people but we also need to tap into what makes us feel alive and excites us for our spirits not to wither and die and dampen. Sometimes it creeps up on us without us noticing sometimes we need to sit down and write out our goals and dreams or paint and express them  to make them concrete and stay accountable to our lives not other peoples lives.

Our dreams at different ages may be radically different. In our 20’s we may be searching for a career or a home and thinking of who we will get to maybe spend our lives with  and have our families with. In our 30’s the home and safety and security may be what we crave and desire. In our 40’s we may be serving our families and working and forgetting ourselves and what we truly want. In our 50’s we may be questioning what we are here for and how we have spent our lives and how we may spend the rest of it.  There’s still a big chunk left we may have married and had our children but there’s still so much to do !

Who knows how long we have each got here on this marvellous planet and it is a miracle the fact that we can breathe and see the trees and feel the wind and see the clouds moving in the sky.

 Make  your dreams and really dream them big bright and bold as they are your dreams and no one else’s.  It’s your life and only yours,  don’t waste another minute not wanting and wishing your dreams it’s only fear that holds you back. What’s worse  ? Waiting till the end of your life and looking back and wishing you had jumped and stepped into what you had always visualised without actually doing it ? As most people know FEAR is only false evidence appearing real and most of what you fear never happens it’s just the story you get used to playing in your head.  

 Dream your greatest life ever as it’s all a miracle, you can make it as bright and as bold as you like. Your biggest dreams are yet  to come so don’t forget you can make them as amazing as you like,  it’s all just  one wonderous miracle of magic and of your mindset.

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Blessings Sally x

copyright Sally Francis 2011

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