What are we Creating on a System Level ?

Education in the UK is in a dire state. I have taught in over 200 English schools with infant and primary children. We barely take into account how we think or function as human beings and what we actually need.

Assessing how children of five years type on computers is shere lunacy in my book. The constant rushing from one thing to another without completing it in miniscule time frames is an epidemic in the very framework of the system. The constant monitoring of children has taken over the role of teachers from becoming educators and empaths to assessors. We should be wanting teachers to nurture and care for our children of tomorrow not just fire them information like arrows hoping that some are taking it inward. We presently fire so much information at them that on an energy level it just bounces off them like a car in a head on car crash.They are crashing with overload.

I have never ever met a “normal” child in my life. We barely understand that children and adults think and learn in different ways and that we are all essentially animals who need to move our bodies. The constant sourcing from the internet for information that is better is a never ending quest and when some systems work they are changed for so called “innovations” sake. Re-jigging the wheel at every turn when the “wheel” fundamentally works.Teachers of 23 are burnt out with the work load of paper and they are constantly stressed. These are the role models for the generations of children coming forward.These are the people who spend most time with our children and yet we don’t value them for a second.

We tend to focus on weakness in education rather than look at a child and see how they learn best and then use that talent and foster it and let children learn in ways that best suit them. There is no right or wrong way they only is and a new model for education needs to be brought forward. I have met geniuses of 8 who can’t put pen to paper and who are criticized. The verbal mind magicians who are creative aren’t valued and their self esteem plumets.

Children are becoming more sensitive it’s my belief and maybe this is the reason for the reactions and the anxieties that they are feeling.When joyful happy information comes to them in a happy way they respond like flowers being watered in a garden,they respond to positive uplifting information like we all do. When they had long lunch hours and ate good food they thrived and were peaceful when they came back to class.

We have brought up I would say two generations of children who are expressing their views and feelings most avidly in classrooms, we trained them to be like this when we brought in circle time to schools and started asking them to get in touch with their feelings and how they felt as children and yet the policy makers of today and the older people in our society were not schooled like this and then they wonder why these generations have become so vocal.

If you put into the mix the rise in the number of “Soaps” appearing on the equation at around this time and the role models of these children, at a time when more mothers were increasingly working in order to survive, with the increasing house prices, it’s no wonder we have brought up whole generations of young adults now who are displaying an anger at the world. They are also having to repay the huge university debts and trying to get onto the housing ladder, which will no doubt forever evade the majority.

My guess is that with family sizes depleting more and more communities will start to grow where young adults live and the so called “suburban” family, as we all knew it in the 70’s will die a death and a new model for living will replace it.

In just a 100 odd years the whole way that people relate and function and live will totally change and the new families will be the communities of like minded adults who replace the support systems that the old large families offered.

The anxieties that children are suffering today are directly due to the fact that they are not happy with how they are taught, it’s not the teachers fault, it’s the system now and that parents place a huge store on what one or two children do.

In the older family model there were many more children through which families could see their ancestry continuing children felt less pressured and burdened. There were more children so they were given less attention and pressure.

Children might feel more nurtured on some levels but we are also developing children who are so spoilt that that too can have a dire effect. They are not having to do things for themselves and the parents make all the choices for them. They aren’t allowed to roam the streets or ride their bicyles down the middle of the roads with no hands, they don’t have the “freedom” that they need to make mistakes and learn that way.

We are all essentially animals who eat and drink sleep and try to survive and the sooner we start realising that we need to co-operate and not just do “Power” to gain energy the happier we will all be as a planet.

Satellites in space can monitor and detect the electrical and magnetic energy that our hearts produce. We now need to be producing work and school environments where we all “feel happier”

The shift has been towards making children and adults work harder. Doctors have 8 minute slots with treating patients and they are burning out as well in huge numbers and yet are afraid to speak out and in the hospitals it’s the same. We are becoming a country that only seems to value success in monetary terms and at data analysing levels with targets – and that’s frightening !

We are now living under crazy systems and these need to change.People used to have an hour for lunch and were able to get up and stretch and walk out into the sunshine if only for 10 minutes. We all need to get out into daylight and feel the sun and exercise for our healthy growth, and survival in nature.

When some thing doesn’t work and you feel uncomfortable on a bodily level, don’t be afraid to speak out.

Copyright Sally Francis 2011

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